future love artists

Kat Bak 

Kat is our creative director for both books, Illustrating and designing 'Notes To My Future Daughter' and working her magic again in the graphic design of 'Notes To My Future Son'.

She brings my words to life with a visual narrative that expresses my sentiments completely and honestly. She is also a fierce woman to have in my corner. She makes me braver every time we speak. Kat’s passion exudes in everything she does. Her art is loving, powerful and beautiful. Her contribution to the Melbourne and Byron Bay life-drawing community is nuanced by her brand of womanly feminism. I’m lucky to have such a sister in our lives. Kat is an artist and graphic designer residing in Melbourne, Australia. She runs life-drawing sessions. As well as working on her own art, she’s available for private commissions in-between exhibitions.

Dan Tomkins
When I decided to work with a new illustrator for 'Notes To My Future Son', I knew it had to be Dan. He understands the importance of what we are trying to do. He is an accomplished, diverse and talented fine artist and graphic designer. His illustrations are evocative and have informed so many of my words. He’s also a gentle and compassionate man and father, the exact person we are hoping to celebrate with this book. I feel so privileged to not only work with Dan but also have him in our lives. Dan resides in Adelaide, South Australia making art for private and commercial clients.